Anthony Jones Salon in Barrington


Anthony Jones Salon

Anthony has been in the beauty profession for over two decades. He has owned salons from coast to coast and has trained with greats such as Leo Passage, Tom Ericksen, and Ernest Collins. Anthony has expertise in the science of trichology certified by Jheri Redding SES Redken and taught the laws of trichology at Paul Mitchell Academy in Port Angeles, WA. Anthony started doing hair around 10 years of age by highlighting his mother’s hair. Everyone loved the look as he roller set it and styled the hair. Science and Chemistry was a love of Anthony’s from childhood however medical school financially was not an option. Therefore, he decided to go to the next best thing and enroll in internationally renowned Pivot Point which was headquartered in Chicago on Howard and Clark. Once Anthony graduated from Pivot Point, he worked for Glemby International on Oak Street. Within a year, Anthony opened his first salon on Chicago's Gold Coast. Later, he decided to move to Europe as fashion was 2 years ahead of the U.S. Anthony worked to become a master designer at Tommi Salongen Norway, an Intercoiffure Member and Tom World Champion Designer. Eventually, Anthony returned to the U.S. and landed a job on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills at Allen Edwards. Anthony has been privileged to train with the best in the beauty industry. He has been able to own and operate salons while maintaining a presence doing hair shows, platform work, movies sets, and music videos. Anthony is well-loved by his clients, many of whom travel across the country for haircuts and colors.  book an appointment today Tony or please choose any of the talented stylist they are truly dedicated to my philosophy of cutting edge hair design artistry h its cutting, coloring,extensions and  head spinning finishes

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